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The Road to Context: tools for corporate strategy-making and goal setting

The corporate members of the Embedding Project were increasingly being asked to contextualise their sustainability performance. They wanted to understand how they could factor socio-ecological thresholds into their corporate strategy and goal setting processes.  They had been directed towards multiple different initiatives and tools designed to aid this process leaving many of them overwhelmed. They told us they needed help to make sense of it all. As a result, the Embedding Project assembled a Global Community of Practice (CoP) on Contextual Strategy-making where interested companies participated in a process to bring these ideas and tools together under an overarching framework to help explain how companies are approaching the concept of context.

The Road to Context Guide

Author: Embedding Project
Since the beginning of the sustainability context conversation, we have seen the introduction of various methodologies, frameworks, tools, and ideas that aim to support the embedding of context into sustainability performance. There is little doubt that resources and initiatives such as Planetary Boundaries, The Doughnut of Planetary Boundaries and Social Foundations, the MultiCapital Scorecard, the Science-based Targets Initiative, The Natural Step, The Future-Fit Business Benchmark, Reporting 3.0, Net Positive, and even the Sustainable Development Goals have all shaped the evolution of this space. Our free “Road to Context” guide lays out four key steps along with resources and initiatives can help you contextualise your core strategy and develop contextual goals. We are applying these steps in a set of pilot companies and will continue to update our guide as we learn more. 

The Road to Context Casebook

Author: Embedding Project
To help illustrate how these four iterative steps are being applied in practice, we created a casebook celebrating and systematically comparing early corporate efforts in exploring context. You can assemble your own bespoke “Road to Context Casebook” below. Start by downloading the brief casebook introduction, which has been written for an executive audience and introduces the concept of context followed by an explanation of how to interpret the cases. Then select those cases most applicable to your own contextual journey by searching by company or by threshold. 

Our casebook is an evolving project. New cases will be released over the coming months. To suggest a company or request an update to your company’s case, please contact 

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Assemble your own Casebook!

You can assemble your own custom casebook by combining the introduction with a subset of cases most relevant to your company.

1. Download the introduction

The casebook introduction introduces the idea of context followed by an explanation about how the cases have been written.

2. Select your cases

Scroll through the list of cases in the matrix below to download the ones that are most applicable to your own contextual journey.


GHG emissions
Land-system change
Air Quality
Access to capital
Community resilience
Human rights

Our casebook is an evolving project. To suggest a company or request an update to your company’s case, please contact

Threshold comparison table
Information Technology
Information Technology
Consumer Staples
Information Technology

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