Community members have food and nutrition security throughout the year, and are able to access to affordable, nutritious, healthy, and culturally appropriate foods for their sustenance. Many staple foods are produced or can be sourced locally and do not depend exclusively on vast global supply chains. Sustainably produced local options are available. Community members have access to foods that are safe and healthy, and can trust that food safety has been ensured including in production, handling, distribution, and storage.

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Our food system isn't ready for the climate crisis cover

Our food system isn't ready for the climate crisis

This article from the Guardian explains how many of our favourite foods - and the systems which allow them to flourish - are increasingly threatened by the climate crisis. It highlights how agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and aquaculture are all buckling under the stress of rising temperatures, wildfires, droughts, and floods, and how resilient food systems depend on cultivating and consuming a wide variety of genetically diverse foods. This compelling resource can help you to understand the recent trends in global diets and food species selection, and how communities and industry need to advance the diversity of our crops to prevent near-future food systems collapse.

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