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Corporate Action on Nature Loss: Key Trends

Nature is disappearing, harming people and business. In this blog, we explain what you need to know about nature loss, the TNFD, and taking credible action to protect and restore nature.

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Key Climate Change Resources for Companies

As companies globally are increasing their ambition on climate change, you may wonder how to help your company take meaningful action. We have compiled the tools experts are using to help their companies advance a net-zero future.

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Climate Justice Is the Solution to Our Climate Crisis

Leading companies recognise the reality of climate change and its effects. In response, they often focus on mitigating emissions. But these efforts are only part of the solution. This blog post discusses the need for companies to participate in a just transition to a net-zero economy.

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Climate Change and Climate Risks: What Corporate Directors Need to Know

Climate change threatens both the future success of businesses and the wellbeing of society. Corporate directors have the opportunity and responsibility to steer their businesses towards supporting climate resilience. To do so, directors must understand climate science, the risks and opportunities for businesses, and the actions needed to respond to them.