Materiality and Strategy

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Are Corporate Position Statements on Sustainability Worth the Time and Effort?

Wondering if taking a corporate position on key sustainability issues is worth your organisation's time and effort? This blog post discusses how position statements can be an important avenue for productive debate, work to clarify expectations, and provide accountability for your sustainability commitments.

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Double Materiality Assessments: Criteria for a More Robust Process that Supports Strategy and Disclosure

Thinking about how to undertake a double materiality assessment? In this blog post, we share what we consider to be fundamental criteria for a better approach.

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Materiality Assessments: Why It’s Time for a New Approach

Done well, corporate sustainability materiality assessments should improve the quality and relevance of your disclosures and ideally, clarify where your company needs to take action and inform your core business strategy. Unfortunately, most materiality assessments don’t live up to that promise. In this blog post, we reflect on how we got here and why the materiality assessment process is in desperate need of an overhaul.

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Push It to the Limit: Scenario Planning That Takes Sustainability Seriously

Scenario planning can be an effective strategic process for understanding risks and opportunities, but what about your company’s impacts on society and the environment? In this blog, we provide five recommendations to help create scenarios in which your company supports sustainable futures by operating within the limits of key systems.

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Scenario Planning Made Simple: An 8-Step Method

Scenario planning is an effective strategic tool for decision-makers, but it can be challenging to know where to begin. In this blog, we break down Dr. Nardia Haigh’s scenario planning framework into eight straight-forward steps.

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How to Conduct Effective Scenario Planning: An Interview with Dr. Nardia Haigh

Scenario planning is a tool for companies to prepare for the unpredictable impacts of sustainability issues. In this blog, we interview Dr. Nardia Haigh to learn more about how to conduct effective scenario planning.

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Getting Started on Your ESG Journey in 7 Steps

In the rapidly evolving ESG space, many companies aren’t sure where to start. While each company’s sustainability journey will look a bit different, depending on its industry, location(s), value chain, and investors, customers, or partners, there are some common steps that can help any company confidently start down the sustainability path.

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5 Steps to a Corporate Strategy That Delivers on Sustainability

To achieve the societal transformation we need, companies must do their part to embed sustainability into their core strategy. And that means focusing on more than shareholder value or even stakeholder value… It means focusing on systems value. We've created a straight-forward five-step process to help companies develop a truly embedded strategy.