The Beyond Zero Harm Framework (BZH)

The Beyond Zero Harm Framework (BZH) cover

This framework from the Devonshire Initiative can help you to discuss, define, measure, and analyse community wellbeing. The framework is laid out in four-phases and is designed to complement existing company initiatives for baseline data collection and existing community planning and development processes. It features two different types of indicators for measuring well-being measurement: indicators that are pre-defined (core indicators), which cover an inclusive range of categories such as education, health, and safety, and indicators that are jointly-defined with communities (co-created indicators), which are developed through guided dialogue and reflect local realities. This combination helps to ensure that what is measured is relevant to both global development standards and local context.

Although this framework was designed to address gaps in the collection of consistent and meaningful data on community well-being in locations where mining companies operate, the framework can be applied beyond the context of the extractive sector.

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