Safe and Healthy Working Conditions


Workers are able to enjoy their right to safe and healthy conditions of work. The company anticipates, monitors, and controls workplace hazards (physical, chemical, and biological) to prevent adverse impacts on the physical health, mental health, and comfort of workers. The company is attentive to these impacts in the physical or virtual workplace, including chronic effects that may manifest after employment has ended. The company ensures appropriate policies, procedures, training, and equipment are in place to enable and empower workers (including contractors) to protect themselves from work-related harm, injury, illness, or other adverse health or mental health impacts. Workers are empowered to refuse unsafe working conditions.

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Occupational Safety and Health in Sectors and Industries cover

Occupational Safety and Health in Sectors and Industries

If you are searching for news, research, or other information on labour-specific topics (e.g. wages, fair recruitment, decent work, etc.), this is a good place to start. The International Labour Organisations' is a one-stop shop for work-safety related resources. Their platform includes international labour standards, codes of practices, training materials, good practices, reports, and papers and policy briefs, and also provides sector-specific content.

Guide to Writing an OHS Policy Statement cover

Guide to Writing an OHS Policy Statement

This checklist from the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety is a good starting point for an OHS policy draft. It provides key prompting questions and includes essential topics and issues that need to be addressed. It also includes tools that will help you to introduce the policy, ensure that its objectives are clearly communicated and well-received, and create specific safety-related roles within the workplace. Although this resource was created for the Canadian context, the content is appropriate for any geographic or industrial context.

WELL Building Standard cover

WELL Building Standard

This research-informed resource from the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) will help you to create and support thoughtful and intentional spaces that enhance human health and well-being. WELL draws upon the expertise of medical professionals, public health experts, building scientists, and thousands of other practitioners and WELL users to advance the quality of life of workers. The standard addresses ten key concepts such as air, light, thermal comfort, movement, and materials in the workplace, and provides evidence-based recommendations for performance-testing and optimisation.

Framework for Corporate Action on Workplace Women's Health and Empowerment cover

Framework for Corporate Action on Workplace Women's Health and Empowerment

This report from the UN Global Compact provides a four-step framework for both buyers and suppliers that will help you to address women's health, advance protection from violence and harassment, and support their economic empowerment. It provides recommendations, rationaltes, and examples throughout, as well as references to other relevant resources.

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