Family Supports


The company offers employees and contractors paid maternity and paternity leave (including for non-biological parents) as well as parental benefits. Workers are able to take parental leave to care for small children as well as leave for elder care. They have access to adequate compassionate leave for bereavements or to care for a family member with significant risk of death. The company offers flexible work and/or remote work arrangement where practicable, to allow workers to more easily meet their family obligations.

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How to be Family Friendly: A Guide for Employers cover

How to be Family Friendly: A Guide for Employers

Studies show that employees with a supportive employer are most satisfied with their work-life balance. This toolkit from Employers For Childcare introduces an 8-step process (with supporting considerations and questions) that will help you to develop and implement a family-friendly workplace culture.

Work + Family Researchers Network cover

Work + Family Researchers Network

The Work + Family Researchers Network has compiled a large repository of resources, organisations, and projects that are focused on supporting work-family balance. The repository is organised into eight sections based on their origin, including universities and corporations. is ideal for decision makers within organizations who would like to familiarize themselves with both the benefits and steps of implementing workplace flexibility practices.