Decent Work/Income and Work-Life Balance


The company compensates workers fairly and transparently and pays a living wage to ensure workers are able to meet their basic needs and can afford a decent standard of living for their family without needing government support. The company offers equal pay for equal work, facilitates access to anonymised compensation data for the purposes of benchmarking, and does not negotiate compensation down based on an applicant’s previous salary. As part of its compensation package, the company helps ensure its workers can enjoy adequate paid time off. For employees not able to work flexible hours, the company sets predictable working hours and rotation schedules, with adequate notice of changes. Wages are paid on a predictable schedule to support worker financial planning and timely payment of commitments.

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A Living Wage Roadmap for Large Employers cover

A Living Wage Roadmap for Large Employers

This guide from Vancity explores their journey towards becoming a certified Living Wage Employer (LEW). It includes details of their 7-step process, identifies leads for spearheading each phase, and lays out the timeline for Vancity's LEW journey. The tangible and actionable content in this guide will especially benefit business leaders, change agents, and procurement personnel who are ready to advance from embracing LEW in principle to enacting it in practice.

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