Water Resilience Assessment Framework

Water Resilience Assessment Framework cover

Developed by the CEO Water Mandate, the Pacific Institute, and other water experts, the Water Resilience Assessment Framework (WRAF) can help you to advance tangible and quantifiable water system resilience. The WRAF is an iterative process that consists of four key steps: visualising the system, developing a resilience strategy, testing the resilience strategy, and evaluation. Created to inform resilience decision-making to help prevent water shocks and stresses from becoming crises, this is an important resource for informing and guiding short- and long-term decisions and actions from stakeholders.

Also available is sector-specific corporate guidance, applicable to corporations of any size and across different geographies. This complementary document features 'Water Resilience Indicators' and a 'Resilience Scoring Tool' that can help your company to implement the WRAF.

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