Embedded Strategies & Contextual Goals

This suite of tools helps you to set embedded strategies and develop contextual goals. They help your company ensure that it is contribtuing to the resilience and ecosystems in which you operate.
Embedded Strategies for the Sustainability Transition cover

Embedded Strategies for the Sustainability Transition

It is time for companies to take a very different approach to corporate strategy. 

Our new Embedded Strategies guide helps companies respond to the growing calls for businesses to articulate their purpose and their strategy in alignment with the need to shift the global economy towards the reduction of inequality, a rapid climate transition, the preservation of biodiversity, and the elimination of waste. 

This guide will help you to develop a contextual strategy and goals that ensure your company is doing its part to maintain the resilience of key social and environmental systems.

Building on our Road to Context guide with insights from 300+ interviews with senior executives, CEOs, board chairs, and directors and our experiences supporting companies around the world, it outlines resources and tactics that help your company to scan for emerging issues and risks; understand their implications for your business; understand your impacts and your potential for positive influence; prioritise where it makes sense to direct your efforts; and set your strategy and goals in alignment with delivering systems value.

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Contextual Goals Database

Are you designing new goals or interested in benchmarking your goals against leading practice? To help advance progress in setting contextual goals, we will maintain a public goals database containing leading sustainability goals and commitments set by large companies globally. Search by issue, company, industry, or goal type.

If you are aware of goals that take a contextual approach that should be featured in our database, please let us know.

The Road to Context Guide cover

The Road to Context Guide

Our Road to Context Guide lays out four key steps to contextualising your core strategy and goals as well as reviewing the resources and tools that may be useful along the way.