Stories reinforce and give life to an organisation’s identity and values and they are often invoked to justify decision-making. As a result, the stories told in and by your company can influence its decision-making. This set of resources helps you to understand the power of stories and organisational narratives, tell better stories, and help leaders and others align their stories with delivering on your company’s sustainability commitments.

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Shaping Your Organisation’s Narrative Infrastructure cover

Shaping Your Organisation’s Narrative Infrastructure

Stories matter, they have an enormous influence on decision-making in organisations.

How often do you stop to reflect on the collection of stories that get told in your organisation and whether you might need to shift them to better embed sustainability?

This guide builds on our work on Storytelling for Sustainability and is based on four years of research and over 100 interviews in twenty different global companies exploring the impact of organisational narratives and how change agents helped to shift them to better support strategic decision-making aligned with sustainability. As with all of our resources, the ideas and guidance presented here have been piloted with several of our partner companies and we welcome your feedback to keep improving them.

Storytelling for Sustainability cover

Storytelling for Sustainability

When people within organisations communicate, they often do it through stories. Combining research with stories from practitioners working to embed sustainability within their organisations, our “Storytelling for Sustainability” guidebook was developed through the Embedding Project's Community of Practice process to help you:

  • Understand what storytelling looks like in practice, and reflect on this in the context of your organisation

  • Develop a sense of why stories are important for embedding sustainability

  • Learn from other practitioners’ experiences with storytelling to better plan your own efforts

Decolonisation in Imagery and Language: Guidance and Resource List cover

Decolonisation in Imagery and Language: Guidance and Resource List

Imagery and language play a significant role in shaping how the stories we tell interact with the perceptions of others. This short resource offers general guidance and a resource list for remaining mindful when invoking images, stories, and narratives of peoples faced with historical and continued colonial oppression and it's legacies with your work.