These resources will help you to foster a safe and encouraging culture that proactively seeks employee input and is receptive to their opinions and ideas about how the organization can deliver on its sustainability commitments.

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EDI Leading Practices: A Guide for Companies cover

EDI Leading Practices: A Guide for Companies

Workplace equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) is a complex and rapidly evolving space, and increasingly, companies are interested in understanding how to meaningfully advance EDI in their organisations. To help them do so, we consulted EDI research and guidance, reviewed practices of over 100 companies, and sought input from practitioners across a range of industries and geographies. Our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Leading Practices Guide offers a comprehensive framework with practices, case studies, and resources to help organisations embed EDI into their strategy, structures, and culture.

Liberating Structures cover

Liberating Structures

There are five conventional structures that guide the way we organise routine interactions and how groups work together: presentations, managed discussions, open discussions, status reports, and brainstorm sessions. These structures, however, can stifle inclusion and engagement, and are often too inhibiting or too loose and disorganised. To complement these more conventional options and improve shared knowledge and engagement, Liberating Structures introduces a menu of 33 innovative methods. Each method includes expected outcomes, step-by-step instructions, "tips and traps," examples, and more.

5 Ways to Listen Better cover

5 Ways to Listen Better

If you are thinking about how to support employees to become better listeners, this Ted Talk is a good place to start. Julian Treasure explains how and why we are losing our listening, and offers a few simple exercises and strategies to improve your listening. You may want to consider digging a bit deeper into his idea of “listening positions,” which is detailed in his book Sound Business.

10 ways to have a better conversation cover

10 ways to have a better conversation

This is a great TED Talk for improving your listening skills. Celeste Headlee draws on years of experience in public radio to share ten useful rules for having better conversations.

Be A Guide: Our Guiding Principles cover

Be A Guide: Our Guiding Principles

Project InsideOut created these "irreducible, interrelated, and mutually reinforcing" guiding principles to guide people to transform and shift consumption patterns and behaviour. Informed by clinical psychologists, sustainability professionals, researchers, and design thinkers, these five guiding principles - attune, reveal, convene, equip, sustain - are grounded in evidence-based studies, research, best practices, and years of wisdom. If your organisation is looking to create, foster, and grow a culture of connection and support, this resource is a good starting point, and especially for leaders, HR personnel, and change agents.