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These resources will help you to enable and encourage employees to align their personal identities and values related to sustainability with their behaviours at work and at home, such as through the creation of participation channels and green teams.

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World Wildlife Fund Living Planet @ Work cover

World Wildlife Fund Living Planet @ Work

The World Wildlife Foundation Canada provides guidance your green team can use on structuring roles and responsibilities within the team, setting team goals, running office campaigns, as well as resources on implementing projects specifically related to paper, waste, travel, energy, and procurement. For each of these topics, WWF Canada provides a primer to the topic, examples of common initiatives, benchmarks from other companies, and spreadsheets to conduct audits and track progress. The resources have been developed as a part of the WWF's Living Planet at Work Program.

Engaging Employees to Create a Sustainable Business cover

Engaging Employees to Create a Sustainable Business

Drawing on the example of Unilever, authors Paul Polman and CB Bhattacharya discuss what happens when companies encourage and share sustainable ideas and solutions among employees. For example, workers inspired by Unilever’s sustainability slogan “small actions can make a big difference" were able to save €47,500 and 9.3 tonnes of paper by reducing the end seals of tea bags by 3 millimeters. The article also explains eight important practices for engaging employees in the company’s sustainability journey.

How To Create A Green Culture and Engage Employees cover

How To Create A Green Culture and Engage Employees

This article from the Green Business Bureau highlights the benefits of introducing a 'green culture' in your workplace. The article includes a simple step-by-step guide for creating such a culture, as well as for keeping employees engaged - both of which will benefit sustainability practitioners and like-minded leaders who are in a position to inspire and introduce relevant change.

What Black Employee Resource Groups Need Right Now cover

What Black Employee Resource Groups Need Right Now

This article from Aiko Bethea explains how supporting Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) can provide representation, belonging, and safety for underrepresented and marginalised workers and strengthen your organisation. It spells out how Black ERGs - in an era of escalating racial tensions - having a growing need for equity and resources; transparency trust; mental health support; and formal validation from leadership. This is a good introductory piece for HR representatives and change agents who want to make a case for improving representation that includes tangible actions.

Although the emphasis of this article is on Black employees in North America, the lessons are similarly applicable to other historically disadvantaged and oppressed groups.