These resources will help you to elevate employee awareness and understanding of sustainability. This includes providing information that challenges existing assumptions, that profiles new technologies and ideas, or presents alternate visions of the future.

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21st Century Sustainable Enterprise Force Field  cover

21st Century Sustainable Enterprise Force Field

This white paper from Bob Willard outlines seven forces (such as sustainable procurement and harmonizing ESG frameworks) that are contributing to sustainable business and six that are hindering progress (such as shareholder primacy and culture clash). A crucial development in the 21st century is growing pressure from banks and investors, which has amplified these other 'helping forces.' This is a good resource for raising employee awareness of common inter-industrial themes that challenge - and entrench - the status quo.

Advancing the S in ESG: A primer for CFOs cover

Advancing the S in ESG: A primer for CFOs

This primer from WBCSD, in partnership with Shift Project and the CFO Network, is designed to introduce CFOs to social sustainability and why it is essential to their role. Part one provides overview of the what, who, and how of corporate social performance, and part two shares key insights from CFOs on how to better measure social performance.

How We Got Here: Organic Cotton cover

How We Got Here: Organic Cotton

There was significant pushback within the ranks of Patagonia when Yvon Chouinard, then CEO, committed to transitioning their entire sportswear range to organic cotton. This blog post shows how tours to conventional cotton farms helped inspire a company-wide cultural shift that supported the company's (successful) pivot.