These resources will help you explain to employees how sustainability applies to your organisation and relates to their everyday responsibilities, such as through framing tools and case studies on creating a sustainability-conscious workplace.

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Words Matter: Making ESG Communications with Employees Count cover

Words Matter: Making ESG Communications with Employees Count

As expectations increase for businesses to take a stand on important social and environmental issues, communications teams face a growing need to share sustainability-related stories with employees. This concise guide from 3BL Media explains why ESG matters more to employees and companies than ever before, and provides practical tips, insights, and examples that will help you to better include your employees as partners in your long-term sustainability strategy.

sSWOT: A Sustainability SWOT cover

sSWOT: A Sustainability SWOT

The sustainability SWOT (sSWOT) is a framing tool designed to help drive action and collaboration on environmental challenges by identifying real business risks and opportunities. The sSWOT helps individuals engage and motivate colleagues - particularly those with limited knowledge of environmental issues or corporate sustainability. Most importantly, it can help identify new insights and communicate the importance of sustainability to senior decision-makers.

How to Motivate People Toward Sustainability cover

How to Motivate People Toward Sustainability

This brief article discusses how managers can positively influence employees, customers, and communities towards sustainability, and provides seven motivation strategies to positively influence these three groups.

Re_Generation cover


Formerly know as the Canadian Business Youth Council for Sustainable Development, Re_Generation is committed to influencing change within schools to advance early knowledge and understanding of sustainability and to empowering young employees to create internal changes in the workplace. Their company transition toolkit synthesizes the most thorough and useful resources available on key issues such as ecological wellbeing, human wellbeing, and ethics, and includes summaries, key considerations, and recommendations for action. Re_Generation's resources can help to develop sustainability champions who are early in their journey, as well as support change agents who want to broaden their understanding of existing tools and frameworks and how they are connected.

Engaging Employees to Create a Sustainable Business cover

Engaging Employees to Create a Sustainable Business

Drawing on the example of Unilever, authors Paul Polman and CB Bhattacharya discuss what happens when companies encourage and share sustainable ideas and solutions among employees. For example, workers inspired by Unilever’s sustainability slogan “small actions can make a big difference" were able to save €47,500 and 9.3 tonnes of paper by reducing the end seals of tea bags by 3 millimeters. The article also explains eight important practices for engaging employees in the company’s sustainability journey.