Guidelines for High Integrity Use of Carbon Credits

Guidelines for High Integrity Use of Carbon Credits cover

80% of the world’s largest companies have not yet set climate targets, and most that have targets are off track. As a result, there is a widening gap between the 1.5°C pathway and climate action. This guide by the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) argues that voluntary carbon market (VCM) investment is essential to keeping companies’ targets on track and closing the emissions gap. The guide provides six guidelines designed to help you make carbon credits part of a decarbonisation strategy: 1) demonstrate alignment with the Paris agreement; 2) quantify and disclose emissions; 3) establish a net zero pathway; 4) use carbon credits in addition to emissions reductions; 5) vet credit integrity; and 6) disclose the use of credits. This resource will be most useful to sustainability practitioners and strategy teams.

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