CEO Water Mandate

CEO Water Mandate cover

The CEO Water Mandate is a commitment platform for business leaders and learners to advance water stewardship, in partnership with the United Nations, governments, civil society, and other stakeholders. The Mandate develops tools and resources, convenes stakeholders, and facilitates partnerships and collective actions that improve conditions in at-risk water systems around the world.

The Mandate is now endorsed by over 240 companies from a range of industry sectors and regions around the world. Endorsing companies commit to action across six key elements and report annually on progress on 1) direct operations, 2) supply chain and watershed management, 3) collective action, 4) public policy, 5) community engagement, and 6) transparency. These companies also commit to identifying and reducing critical water risks to their businesses; seizing water-related opportunities; and contributing to water security and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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