Aligning Finance For One Planet

Aligning Finance For One Planet cover

The WWF Finance Practice encourages a meaningful and strategic shift in finance in accordance with the best available science and international agreements. Towards achieving this goal, the WWF and Quantis have created resources that will help you to align your company's financial portfolio with science-based decision-making that is quantitatively measured, forward-looking, time-bound, and outcome-oriented. The WWF's proposed Conceptual Framework suggests a structured approach that will help financial regulators and institutions assess both (a) environmental impacts on financial portfolios and (b) financial portfolios’ impacts on the environment.

In addition to the full report & conceptual framework is a suite of documents that includes an introduction & overview and targets & tools inventory and mapping. Together, these resources provide a foundation for a systemic approach to managing natural capital across all 'planetary boundaries' - climate, forests, freshwater, oceans, wildlife and land - and moving beyond simply understanding and assessing them only as environmental risks.

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