Advocating for Change: A Compendium on Climate Mobility

Advocating for Change: A Compendium on Climate Mobility cover

This resource by the Climate Migration Council can help you understand the complexities of increasing climate change-related mobility and the need for action. The first part of the guide outlines five action areas, or “pillars”: 1) improving displacement prevention; 2) supporting disaster-affected people who persist in place; 3) enhancing mobility pathways; 4) protecting displaced persons; and 5) taking action on loss and damage. Each pillar is broken down into two or three sub-sections, and each sub-section features a backgrounder and a list of recommended actions. The second part of the guide highlights a diversity of perspectives for addressing climate mobility, including a climate justice lens, a development lens, a (human) security lens, a migration management lens, and others. Users can draw on different approaches based on what best suits their context and resonates with their target audience. These insights will be most useful to changemakers seeking to better understand how climate displacement dynamics may affect business operations and value chains.

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