A Compass for a Just and Regenerative Business

A Compass for a Just and Regenerative Business cover

This guidebook from Forum for the Future and WBCSD will help leaders and change agents to understand the vision of a just and regenerative future and the shift in mindset and activities required to get there. The guide provides a robust definition of what being just and regenerative means for businesses, introduces a compass that will help you to identify the stage your business is in (risk mitigation, zero harm, do good, or just and regenerative), and illustrates what a credible maturation arc can look like on a range of key issues. They have also created a supplemental report, the Guide to Critical Shifts, which can help you understand the critical shifts businesses can make to adopt a just and regenerative mindset. These guide will be useful across your organisation, with specific guidance provided for procurement, operations, marketing, finance, and leadership professionals, and more.

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