Packaging Waste


Including single-use and multi-material packaging; single-use plastics; glass, aluminum, steel, paper and paper board, textiles and other packaging waste.

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SPHERE: the packaging sustainability framework cover

SPHERE: the packaging sustainability framework

This resource from WBCSD can help you to take a more rigorous approach to implementing sustainable packaging solutions, either at the company-level or for a specific product. The framework provides a holistic definition of packaging sustainability that is founded on six guiding principles: minimise the drivers of climate change; optimise efficiency; optimise circularity; optimise end of life design; avoid harmful substances; and minimise the drivers of biodiversity loss. The framework then introduces a four-step approach that supports users with scoping their assessments, selecting methodologies, and setting thresholds.

The Plastic Waste Makers Index cover

The Plastic Waste Makers Index

This groundbreaking report from the Minderoo Foundation reveals the perpetrators and enablers of the plastic waste crisis, and highlights both the trajectory of this issue and the impacts it will have on peoples and the environment. This report can help you to understand which companies are driving this crisis; which companies are making real efforts to create a circular plastics economy; and how virgin polymer production is expected to grow or decline in the future.

From Scorecard to Playbook: Walmart’s Packaging Evolution cover

From Scorecard to Playbook: Walmart’s Packaging Evolution

In this interview, Laura Phillips - Walmart's SVP of Sustainability - explains how Walmart transitioned from its iconic packaging scorecard (Sustainable Packaging Scorecard) to a Sustainability Index (Sustainable Packaging Playbook). The new index uses priority KPIs to measure the impact of Walmart's supply chain. In this Q&A, Philips demonstrates how companies can drive operational efficiency by establishing KPIs and life-cycle assessments for individual products.

Plastic & Climate: The Hidden Costs of a Plastic Planet cover

Plastic & Climate: The Hidden Costs of a Plastic Planet

This report is a good deep-dive for business leaders, sustainability change agents, and packaging and procurement professionals who want to learn more about the impact of plastics on greenhouse gas emissions, global carbon budgets, and emissions-related commitments. The report examines the emissions from each stage in the plastic life-cycle, as well as uncertainties that can result in underestimating the impacts of plastic on the atmosphere. It also uses data - such as downstream emissions and future growth rates - to consider how current trends and projections will impact our ability to reach agreed emissions targets.

Global Plastic Watch cover

Global Plastic Watch

This digital platform maps and monitors plastic pollution in near-real-time through satellite imagery and artificial intelligence. This tool can help you to make evidence-based decisions on how to support global efforts to manage and mitigate plastic pollution.