Invasive Species


Including prevention, control, and removal.

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Invasive Alien Species cover

Invasive Alien Species

This brief from the Biodiversity Consultancy can help you to understand what invasive species are, how an invasion happens, and how to manage invasive species. It also includes best practices for industry, in alignment with International Finance Corporation lending policies.

Global Invasive Species Database cover

Global Invasive Species Database

This searchable database is a good source of expert information on alien and invasive species that are negatively impacting biodiversity. Managed by the Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG) of the IUCB Species Survival Commission, the database covers all taxonomic groups from micro-organisms to flora and fauna.

Guidance Note for Pest Management Planning cover

Guidance Note for Pest Management Planning

This resource from IUCN is a helpful starting point for organizations drafting their first invasive species management plan. The note also provides a list of helpful reference points for specific pest management guidelines.

Guideline for Invasive Species Planning and Management on Islands cover

Guideline for Invasive Species Planning and Management on Islands

This comprehensive guideline will specifically benefit businesses with operations and projects on island territories. The guideline includes a 3-part checklist on the foundations, information and prioritisation, and management action, as well a detailed how-to, which includes advice for engaging with the community, writing an invasive species strategy and action plan, and translating the plan into action.