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The Embedding Project is a global public-benefit research project that helps companies embed social and environmental factors across their operations and decision-making.

We create rigorous assessments, guides, and tools to help you and your company do its part on sustainability.

The Principles that Guide Us

We support companies that want to do their part on sustainability

We facilitate structured, reflective processes, ask challenging questions, and provide the tools to help companies take credible action.

We value and respect different forms of knowledge

While we ground our work in strong social and natural science research methods, we also respect and seek to learn from Indigenous and community knowledge and those working on the ground to realise positive change.

We are curious, inquisitive, and responsive

As a community we are committed to co-creation, rapid prototyping, iteration, and refinement.

We are committed to creating public value

We identify, curate, and develop relevant and practical resources that we license as Creative Commons so they can be shared and used by all.

Collaboration and inclusivity underpin what we do

We support a growing, diverse community of thoughtful sustainability change agents and practical researchers by convening safe spaces where we can interact and learn from each other.

How We Support Your Journey

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We identify and develop the tools companies need to embed sustainability.

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We bring together global companies, harnessing their collective knowledge to generate tools for the benefit of all.

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Although we are not consultants, we support companies where we can add value.

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