Develop and put into use policies, codes of conduct, and management standards related to sustainability


To what extent do you create and make use of organizational policies, codes of conduct, and management standards related to sustainability?


  • New Next Generation Governance: Developing Position Statements on Sustainability Issues

    Author: Embedding Project
    There is growing pressure among companies to link social and environmental limits to corporate strategy and goal-setting. However, the result is often a lengthy document that fails to make strategic connections between specific issues and their implications on business decision-making. We developed this guidebook to help you articulate a concise and transparent board level position on key environmental, social, and governance issues. Drawing upon in-depth analyses of over 3000 board position statements; over 300 interviews with CEOs, directors, and board chairs; and concepts outlined in our series on the Road to Context, this guidebook provides a checklist for crafting a contextual board position statement and includes examples from a range of industries and global settings.

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