Telling Your Hotel’s “Green” Story: Developing an Effective Communication Strategy to Convey Environmental Values

Although written specifically for the hospitality industry, this article from Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration lays out a useful and thorough action plan for creating an effective green communication strategy. Designing a green communication strategy involves three key steps: choosing a storyline, focusing the story, and deciding when and where to tell the story.

New Colloquium on Sustainability Marketing

With the explosion of interest in building sustainable brands with "green" and cause-based marketing, the Colloquium on Sustainability Marketing at Yale addresses the challenges of creating environmentally sustainable products, services, and brands through a series of panel discussions with executives from leading organizations like Patagonia and Johnson & Johnson.

New Is your sustainability strategy sustainable? Creating a culture of sustainability

The authors of this in-depth article explore the development of a model to support practitioners create a sustainability focus within their organisations. The section titled "Setting the organization's sustainability direction" outlines the importance of embedding sustainability into a organization's Mission statement and how these can be aligned with the values and goals of the organization. The resource also offers examples of companies who have embedded sustainabiity into their company statements.

The Big Pivot

Focus on sustainability mega challenges first, and then work backwards to find the most profitable path to get there. In Radically Practical Strategies, Part II of The Big Pivot, Andrew Winston weaves together a collection of stories that offer insight into how to build a resilient company by integrating sustainability into organizational strategy.

Pivot Goals

Explore a free database containing over 3,900 sustainability goals that have been set by Fortune 500 companies. With multiple search functionalities, this database offers a starting point to quickly explore the types of goals that companies are setting and also to gather ideas that could feed into a goal setting process. Search by company, industry, value chain, issue, and more.

Sustainable Development Goals Interactive Tool

IISD has developed a free interactive tool to offer publications that relate to one or more of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in different regions of the world. For companies with an international scope or intention of entering new markets, this tool provides insight into how the SGDs impact various regions around the world.

CEO Guide to the Sustainable Development Goals

This guide is designed to give CEOs an overview and introduction to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). The guide explains how organizations can engage and take actionable steps to align their business strategy with this critical societal agenda, and explains how to incorporate recommended key steps into your company. It also amplifies the key messages of the Business & Sustainable Development Commission’s flagship Better Business, Better World report.

Planetary Boundaries: The Limits of the Earth

This podcast discusses how businesses can approach the planetary boundaries framework, using it to become more sustainable by adhering to social and environmental limits. Alok Jha of The Guardian: Sustainable Business interviews Johan Rockstrom of the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Oxfam's Kate Raeworth, and Dr. Gail Whiteman from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Whiteman touches on how the idea of planetary boundaries can bring clarity to what sustainability means when interacting with executives, and how to balance economic growth with adherance to social and environmental limits. 

New Working in an SDG economy: Aligning business activity to the Global Goals

This PWC publication provides a useful introduction to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), explaining the value in prioritizing and aligning business impact to the SDGs. Also provided is an interactive 'SDG Selector' that tells you which SDGs are most important to your sector. This tool is high level, and based on data and research from the Global Goals Business Navigator.

New The Road to Context

Author: Embedding Project
The corporate members of the Embedding Project were increasingly being asked to contextualise their sustainability performance. They wanted to understand how they could factor socio-ecological limits into their corporate strategy and goal setting processes, and were being directed towards many different frameworks and tools designed to aid this process. Many of these leaders felt overwhelmed, and told us they needed help in making sense of it all. As a result, the Embedding Project assembled a Global Community of Practice (CoP) on Contextual Strategy-making where interested companies participated in a process to bring these ideas and tools together under an overarching framework to help explain how companies are approaching the concept of context.